Log Book Service

Authorised Log Book Services

A log book service is when your car is serviced in accordance with the vehicle manufacturers specifications. A logbook service is sometimes referred to as a hand book service. Log book services involve checking and/or replacing certain components, parts and fluids on your car at set kilometre intervals as recommended by the manufacturer.

People are led to believe that they have to get their new car serviced through a dealership however, this is not the case. The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has clearly stated that you can have your car serviced by any mechanic or service centre that is qualified to do so without voiding your car’s warranty. Click here to view the ACCC statement.

Mechanics or service centres will do the same checks, services and work that the car dealerships would, except you’ll save a lot of money. DL Mechanical is fully qualified to perform log book services and has all the tools and computers to do so within our workshop. As a qualified service centre, we can also stamp your logbook.

Log Book Service FAQs

A vehicle log book comes with a car from the manufacturer. It contains the recommended service intervals along with when certain components should be replaced. By following your log book service recommendations, you maintain your car’s warranty along with preserving your car’s resale value.
Getting your car serviced at a non-dealer will not void your warranty. Providing the mechanic or service centre are qualified and follow the recommended log book services.
Log books come with an area for an “authorised dealer” to stamp and sign off that they have completed the required work for that particular interval service. The ACCC has said that any qualified mechanic or service centre can sign off in this area without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.
Stamping your log book is important so that you can show you have maintained your vehicle as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you make a warranty claim, this will be important. Plus, stamping your log book shows a potential buyer in the future that you have maintained the car.

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